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Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy

Radical prostatectomy is the removal of the prostate for the treatment of prostate cancer. Following removal of the prostate the neck of the bladder needs to be re-attached to the urethra as the section of the urethra which passes through the prostate is removed.

Robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery allows the operation to be performed by a minimally invasive approach using the da Vinciā„¢ robot. This has the advantage over standard surgery by allowing very precise movements with micro instruments within the pelvis. The robot is controlled by the surgeon from a console within the theatre.

What are the benefits of robotic radical prostatectomy?

  • Smaller incisions allow a faster recovery and return to normal activity
  • Shorter hospital stay compared to open radical prostatectomy
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Decreased post-operative pain allowing earlier return to normal activity
  • Magnified 3 dimensional view allowing precise surgery
  • Lower risk of scarring where the bladder and urethra are joined